To provide the best photobooth and video booth experience for our clients, we offer a wide range of photo booth backdrops. All these photo booth backdrops are made of top quality fabric material suitable for photography. They are generally not reflective in nature and do not wrinkle or creases easily. 

If you need something more customised for your photo booth or video booths, we offer customised photo booth backdrops too. However, do note for that each customised photo booth backdrop we will need a lead time of 10 to 14 working days for manufacturing. Additional costs will also be incurred.

1) Gold Shimmer Backdrop

2) Silver Shimmer Backdrop

3) Grass Backdrop

4) Sky Backdrop

5) Galaxy Backdrop

6) Chalkboard Backdrop

7) Grey Marble Backdrop

8) Brick Backdrop

9) Colorful Strips Backdrop

10) Colorful Dots Backdrop

11) Colorful Mosaic Backdrop

12) Floral Crown Backdrop

13) Red Backdrop

14) Pink Watercolor Backdrop

15) Tropical Backdrop

16) Green Watercolor Backdrop

17) Floral Backdrop

18) Floral Pattern Backdrop

19) Comic Backdrop