Flipbook Photo Booth

A flipbook is essentially a book containing a series of pictures. When flipped rapidly from one page to another, the pictures will appear to be animating. Just like a short animation/video. In fact, the earliest most primitive form of animation is essentially the flipbook! With our flipbook photo booth service, your guests will be able to take home a unique personalised momento from your event. Our video camera will first capture a short 6 seconds video of your guests. Then, our custom flipbook photo booth software will kick in to generate out the footages and print them into a flipbook. Each flipbook will also have a custom cover page specially designed for your event!

How Does Our Flipbook Photo Booth Works

Step 1:

Position yourself in front of our camera. With our live view monitor in front of you, you can see yourself in real time. Pose and position accordingly. If you wish, grab a friend or two to join you.

Step 2:

When ready, our friendly assistant will activate our camera which will capture a 6 seconds video. Dance, make a silly face or just do any funny actions!

Step 3:

Once done, we will extract frames from the footage and print out your flipbook. The flipbook will be binded together nicely with a fully customised cover page.

Our Flipbook Photo Booth Package

Below are some samples of our flipbook.

  • 1 flipbook per video captured 1
  • Fully customised front cover design (with Instantly.sg branding) 2
  • Fully customised back cover design (with Instantly.sg branding) 2
  • Standard props provision
  • Choose 1 backdrop from our standard range
  • Softcopies provision after event via our online gallery
  • At least 1 high speed printer
  • At least 1 staff on site

1 For each video captured, we will always make sure that one flipbook is printed during our service duration. Suppose our service is from 6pm to 8pm, we will make sure that one flipbook is printed for all videos taken between 6pm to 8pm, before we pack up and leave. We can do additional flipbook reprints for any particular videos. However, there will be an additional charge of RM30 per flipbook. These flipbook reprints will not be done during our service duration. Please see the next tab under Add-Ons section for more information.

2 You can revise the design for free up to the first 3 times. Every subsequent revision is at RM90.

Price: RM2560 for 2 hours
Every additional hour at RM380

Our Flipbook Photo Booth Add Ons

Below are some photos of our flipbook photo booth Add Ons.

Add OnDescriptionPrice
Customised propsPrinted on hard foamboard. Price starts at RM45 for size within A3. 1RM45
Customised backdropMade of fabric. Size of 244cm by 228cm. Lead time of 5 to 7 working days. 2RM450
Removal of Instantly.sg branding on flipbook’s front and back cover design There will be no Instantly.my branding on any part of our set up.RM250
Additional flipbook reprints Additional flipbook per video captured 3RM30


1 You can revise the design for free up to the first 3 times. Every subsequent revision is at RM90. For bigger sizes and other materials, please get in touch with us separately.

2 Please visit HERE to take a look at some customised backdrop we did in the past. The customised backdrop will be designed based on your event. You can revise the design for free up to the first 3 times. Every subsequent revision is at RM90.

3 This charge can be invoiced to you post event, or it can be directly invoiced to the guest on site (who requested the reprint). Alternatively, you can do a mixture of both too. For instance, you may tell us to keep additional flipbook reprints to a maximum of 50, based on a first come first serve basis. After which, the costs of all additional flipbook reprints will be borne by the guests. In this case, you will cap your additional expenditure to a maximum of RM650. Kindly not that our priority is always to print out one flipbook per video captured. As such, for additional flipbook reprints, we will only print them out when time permits (for instance, when there is no guests at our flipbook booth). For flipbook reprints that we are not able to be complete during our service duration, we will reprint them and mail them to your guests after the event (within 7 working days).

We will arrive 1.5 hours beforehand to set up.

For our photo booth service, we will require the following

  • A space of 3m by 3m
  • Space to be near to a power point
  • 2 tables. 1 for props, 1 for our printer
    • If you or your venue is not able to provide this. Kindly let us know. We will prepare our own tables accordingly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the dimension of one flipbook?

Each flipbook is 7.6cm by 5.1cm and is about 1.2cm thick.

How fast is your flipbook printer? I do not want my guests to wait too long to obtain their Flipbook.

It will take about 3.5 minutes before a flipbook is fully done and ready for collection.

Why can’t you print out additional flipbook reprints during your service duration?

It takes a reasonable amount of time to prepare 1 flipbook. If there are 4 guests in 1 video, and all 4 guests wants a copy of the flipbook (additional flipbook reprints), it will take some time before 4 flipbooks from that one video can be generated out. This will cause a printing queue. The next group of guests will have to wait longer than usual before we even start to print out their flipbook. Hence, by default, our printing policy is always to prioritise to print 1 flipbook per video captured during our service duration. For additional flipbook reprints, if time permits, we will print them during our service duration. Else, we will take note of the guest’s details and then mail out his/her flipbook to him/her post event (within 5 working days). This workflow will allow us to keep the line moving and keep every group of guests satisfied.

I’m not sure if my event venue has such a big space for your Flipbook Photo Booth service. What should I do?

Get in touch with us via our contact form or call us at . We will then arrange to do a site visit to double check everything.

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